Care For Leather

If you are searching to purchase new furniture and are questioning what type of material is best, take some time and look for some leather options. Leather is a great choice for any piece of furniture - it keeps a steady temperature, it's long-lasting, and it can be super stylish. Leather is one of the most durable and easiest to clean materials for any piece of furniture. 

It may not seem obvious but keeping your furniture clean is a very healthy habit. This can contribute to keeping your body and mind in good health - something Rocking Chicc knows a thing or two about. We hold these core values to a high standard and know exactly how to keep everyone in your home comfortable. Here we will answer some very common questions and teach you how to properly care for your leather furniture as well as correctly maintain that beautiful shine.

“What are the best products to use on leather furniture?” 

That is probably the most asked question. And the answer is really rather simple. First, like every other type of material, check the tag to figure out what type of leather it actually is. This will determine which products are safe to use and which ones to avoid. Protected leather is more durable than unprotected leather, and it is less sensitive to harsh products. 

There are two different methods you could go when choosing what to clean your leather with. The easiest way is to just get store-bought leather cleaner and safely wipe the surface clean. If you are more of a creative DIY person, you can skip out on the run to the store and mix two liquids that you probably have at home. An even 50/50 combination of water and vinegar on a soft cloth can make a great solution. 

Another question that is asked a lot is: How do I condition my leather couch/chair? Conditioning keeps your leather soft and flexible. After cleaning, just apply a leather conditioner from your closest home improvement store. It is recommended to do this once every 6-12 months. Ultimately, conditioning your leather will keep it looking young and prevent any cracks from forming. Using a wax-based conditioner is one way of keeping your leather nice and shiny. Simply just apply some to a dry and clean cloth and wipe carefully in circular motions. 

In addition, there are many ways to keep leather from aging. Certain products can actually harm your leather. Avoid using oil soaps or any detergent; they can create dryness and cause the original colors to fade. Too much sunlight or extreme temperatures can also be sources of these problems. One typical recommendation for new leather furniture is to get it protected by a professionally applied leather protector. 

Although it seems like a lot of time and energy, caring for your leather is quite quick and easy. And these simple steps can help you keep your furniture and home clean and healthy. Our newsletter can keep you updated on more tips and tricks for furniture care. Sign up now for updates and special offers!