What To Look or In A Gliding/Rocking Chair For A Nursery?

People seem to forget one of the most important things for a new parent and their baby - the nursery chair. It needs to be a perfect fit for both you and your baby at any hour of the day or night. Rocking Chicc knows all about how to achieve that comfortable, safe, and peaceful time with your little one. 

Our modern furniture keeps a focus on our core values - being healthy in the body and mind. We want to work to make sure you’re getting stylish furniture while also caring for yourself with the most comfortable chairs in the industry. Here we will compare gliders and rockers, and discuss what to look for to find the perfect chair that will suit you and your nursery.

So what is the difference between a glider and a rocking chair? Their structures actually cause the most obvious difference between the two - the type of movement. Looking at a typical rocking chair, you see the arched legs that create the rocking or swaying motion. Some would describe the motions of this type of chair to make much stronger movements than the glider chair.

The glider is quite different. Instead of those less stable arched legs you find on a rocking chair, it is stationary. It moves through a mechanism on a fixed track that tends to make a smoother ride. It also makes less noise preventing any disruptions during nap time. 

There are many different features you should be looking for when searching for your perfect nursery chair, no matter which type you pick to purchase.

  • Supportive Cushioning: One of the most important and key components of any chair is comfortability, especially with the amount of time you will be spending in this nursery chair. Cushioned arms and a headrest could make a drastic difference in your enjoyment and comfort.
  • Wide Seat: A comfy but firm, wide seat is ideal for any baby activity. Whether it is feeding or soothing, you will want some extra room for yourself and your growing child.
  • Durable Fabric Covers: Something that new parents need to remember is the likely probability of some spills or other messes. If the fabric isn’t detachable or machine-washable, look for something that is strong quality and easier to clean. And if you can’t obtain any of that, dark colors can always hide those stains.
  • Locking Mechanism: This is a very small but very helpful feature. It can prevent any trapped fingers or toes and can overall keep a more peaceful ride when the baby is asleep.

It is obvious how important it is to choose a rocking or gliding chair that suits you and your baby. With the right chair, the nights will become easier and easier for the whole family, and Rocking Chicc is a great place to find the Goldilocks fit. We want to help you find the perfect chair for your mind and body along with your baby’s. Sign up for Rocking Chicc’s newsletter today to get updates and special offers on nursery chairs for you.