How many pieces of furniture should your space have?

If you’re not an experienced interior designer you may not know how much furniture is too much. Luckily, Rocking Chicc is here to help you create your dream house and furnish it. We have all types of chairs from rocking to lounge that will beautifully compliment your home.When it comes to furniture, less is more. Choose a few eye-catching pieces that will fit best in a room instead of overloading it with excess amounts of lackluster furniture. Furniture must be fitted to the space it’s in for a room to feel cohesive and relaxed. Keep reading to find out how to fit furniture properly in your home and how to make your rooms feel the best they possibly can!

How much furniture do you need?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when deciding how much furniture you need. Firstly, what are your goals for the space? If it’s for entertainment you may need more furniture and seating to fit all your guests. If it’s for relaxation, you only need enough furniture to accommodate everyone in your household. 

The second question that’s important to ask is what’s the physical size of your space? This is important to consider because you want furniture to fit comfortably into your rooms without feeling too big or bulky. For example, if you are having trouble accommodating a bulky recliner opt for a smaller accent chair. If your furniture is too big for your room it can also negatively affect the feng shui of the room.

 Lastly it's important to ask what furniture do I need for an apartment vs a house? Due to an apartment being smaller in size you will need to purchase smaller furniture to accommodate the space. If furniture is too big for your apartment it will be hard to move around and will feel cluttered.

3 tips to space furniture appropriately

Now that you’ve decided what furniture you need, you’ll need to know how to space it. Consider questions like how far should the coffee table be from the couch? And what to do with the gap between the sofa and wall? Thinking about aspects of spacing will help your room come together succinctly and aesthetically.

Your sofa and coffee table should have about 14-18 inches between them. This allows people to move through the area but the table is also close enough to set drinks and other items on it. 

When you’re setting up your sofa and tv, the sofa should be placed about 1.5 times the length of your TV screen size away. For example, a 55 inch tv should be placed 82.5 inches away or about 9 feet. This ensures you’re easily able to see the tv without being too close or too far away. 

Lastly, aim to have a little under 3 feet of walking space between large pieces of furniture. This way people can easily walk through the room and it also helps the positive energy flow.


3 pieces of furniture that you can eliminate to free up space!

If you think your furniture is too big for a room, there are pieces that can be eliminated to make the room feel more open.

Bulky entertainment centers and TV stands: Instead of buying a piece of furniture that has the sole purpose of housing your tv, there are other options that will save you space. Mount your TV on the wall and install a floating shelf to hide the cables. Cables can be routed through the wall using a plastic cord cover to keep the room looking tidy. The floating shelf and mounted tv create a simple and clean centerpiece.

Curio/larger display cabinets: Knick knacks and curio can be fun, but they’re not frequently used enough to take up a large display space in your home. By eliminating a curio filled cabinet you’ll not only save space but spend less time on dusting and less money on knick knacks.

Your large sectional couch: Swap out your bulky sectional if you don’t need the seating place. Instead of a sectional you could furnish this area with a lounge chair, small sofa, or a few chairs. It’s up to you as the designer what smaller furniture item will compliment your room the best!

Rocking Chicc has chairs to match the vibe of any room!

Rocking Chicc has chairs that will match the interior of any space. Downsizing in the furniture department doesn’t mean eliminating pieces you love, it just gives you the opportunity to add new ornate and decorative furniture to your home. Sign up for Rocking Chicc’s newsletter to receive updates and special offers. Downsize your clutter and upgrade your furniture with Rocking Chicc.Your home has never looked better.