How To Arrange Your Bedroom For Good Vibes

Bring more positive energy into your home with these simple tips to improve the flow of your bedroom!

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy of arranging furniture in a room to create harmony and balance. In a perfect feng shui room there will be positive energy flowing freely throughout it. It can be beneficial to use elements of feng shui when decorating or redesigning your bedroom. Rocking Chicc promotes a healthy body and mind and we have beautiful modern furniture that will add the feng shui of your bedroom. Keep reading to learn about what elements of your room will create the optimal bedroom feng shui.

How to rearrange your bedroom for good vibes

If you are trying to optimize your bedroom feng shui there are many factors to consider. How your furniture is arranged down to your headboard all affect feng shui. Everything must be arranged properly in order to elevate the energy in your bedroom.

What are things to consider?

When you are starting to look for feng shui bedroom tips be sure to consider the function of the room and the physical size and shape of the room. This will help you start with your bedroom feng shui.

Function of room: Your bedroom is primarily for relaxing and sleeping. Add elements of decor that help you feel zen and relaxed in this space.

Size/physical shape of room: Ensure that the furniture you are adding to the room isn’t too large for the space. Rocking Chiic has all sizes and shapes of chairs to compliment your bedroom while keeping it open. Having a cluttered room and obstructed walkways will upset the bedroom feng shui

How to Apply Feng Shui/good vibes to Your bedroom

Bedroom layout ideas

Bed placement: When considering bedroom layout ideas, the bed is the most important furniture piece to place. So, what wall should you place your bed on? The bed should be centrally placed in a “commanding position”. This means you should be able to see who is entering and exiting the room from your bed. However, ensure that no doors open in line directly with the bed.

Get a Headboard: When selecting a headboard select a solid one that matches the rest of the decor in the room. A solid headboard adds balance and symmetry to your bedroom feng shui and also allows you to lean against it while reading or relaxing in bed. When placing your headboard and bed you’ll want to ensure you have equal amounts of space on both sides of the bed.

Clean up your space/organize: An organized space will allow energy to flow freely through your room infusing it with positive energy. Declutter underneath your bed and other visible spaces. It is worth it to invest time and energy into closet storage so you can easily find things and also keep them out of your bedroom. The less clutter you have in your room the better the bedroom feng shui will be.

Relaxing and calming colors: The colors you choose to use in your feng shui bedroom are up to your discretion, however it is best to avoid loud and bright colors. Earthy and neutral colors are conducive to relaxation and can lift the energy in your room. The colors you pick should be what “feels” best to you.

Well-lit & bright: If you’re wondering “how can i make my bedroom positive?” mirrors and natural light are what you’ll need to incorporate. Mirrors when placed properly can make your bedroom feel larger. Ideally place your mirrors to reflect outside greenery or something positive. Mirrors also reflect the outside light making your bedroom feel bright and airy

Get a few (or more) house plants: House plants exponentially increase your bedroom feng shui. House plants release oxygen and humidity, purify the air and remove harmful toxins. On top of those benefits, studies have proven that house plants can actually improve your mood and relieve stress. Plants will bring natural energy to your bedroom and provide a beautiful pop of green. They are a great decor item and will elevate the vibes in your room.

Feng Shui your bedroom with furniture from Rocking Chicc!

When incorporating elements of feng shui into your bedroom, it is ultimately up to you what looks and feels best. Rocking Chicc has beautiful modern furniture that can add to the energy of any room while looking amazing. Sign up for our newsletter today for updates and special offers on our products. Feng shui your room and life by decorating with Rocking Chicc!