Indoor Plants to Make you Happier and Healthier

Indoor Plants to Make you Happier and Healthier

When designing a room, personal touches such as a plant can make all the difference. Adding plants to a room can make it feel more natural and can even reduce stress. Rocking Chicc has the best furniture and design tips to help you create a unique space that lets you be healthy in the body and mind. Where modern furniture combines with self care to make your home your sanctuary. Indoor house plants can add the finishing touches to a room but it goes beyond that into offering many health benefits and acts as a mood booster. Keep reading to see which indoor house plant is best for your home!

Benefits of Having Indoor Plants

Indoor house plants have been making an appearance in home decor with greenery inspired interior design. While plants may seem like a design trend, there are other health benefits of indoor house plants that go beyond making a room look good.

They make you happier / may help reduce stress levels

A study published by the Journal of Anthropology found that having plants in a  room can make you feel more soothed and comfortable. Additionally, indoor gardening lowered stress response in participants.

They increase humidity

Indoor house plants release moisture from their leaves and increase the humidity of the room they are in. In fact, 97% of the water plants get is released into the air. Humidity is beneficial for dry skin and helps prevent the common cold and other respiratory diseases. 

Indoor house plants may sharpen your attention

A study by the Texas A&M college of agriculture found that participants that worked with plants in the room completed their work more quickly and at a higher quality than those who worked in a room void of plants. 

Plants may help you recover from illness faster

Visually being able to see plants may help you recover from illnesses or injury more quickly. Research shows that hospital patients that had plants in their room had shorter hospital stays and need less medication than those who weren’t looking at plants while they were recovering

Plants may boost your productivity

There have been multiple studies that show indoor house plants will make you more productive. They increase productivity by reducing stress. Additionally, employees with more plants in their work area took fewer sick days and had higher productivity.

3 indoor plants to improve air quality

If you’re wondering which plants purify the air the most, the plants listed below are all excellent options for your homes. All air purifying plants filter different toxins and provide different benefits. Keep reading to see which indoor house plant would be most beneficial for your home!

Chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum morifolium) 

These sunlight loving flowers filter out toxins including benzene, and ammonia. These colorful flowers will brighten up any room, just make sure they are getting enough sunlight! This flower is ranked highest or air purification out of all indoor house plants.

Snake Plant  / Mother-in-law’s tongue

Snake plants are one of the best plants for bedroom oxygen.This indoor house plant releases oxygen at night which makes it easier to breathe while you sleep. Additionally, it filters toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, trichlorethylene and toluene.

Devil’s Ivy/ Pothos

Devil's Ivy is a leafy green plant that is hardy and easy to take care of. It helps with air purification and it doesn’t require direct sunlight to thrive. While you only need to water once a week, this plant would be excellent in the bathroom as it loves moisture.

3 Easy indoor plants to care for

If you love having indoor house plants but having trouble remembering to water them, the plants below are hardy and require little care.

Spider Plants

This plant can thrive in indirect light and will survive even when you forget to water it. It is adaptable and will even grow mini spider plant offshoots that you can give to your friends!

Snake Plants

Making a second appearance, the snake plant is succulent and requires minimal water. It does best in a brighter room but it will not die if you forget to water it. In fact, this plant does best with minimal water because it is prone to root rot.

Other Succulents

Succulents require light but that is the only thing they need to thrive. This indoor house plant only needs to be watered when the soil is completely dry which means you can go for weeks without remembering to water your plant and it actually is better for the succulent too!

  • 3 Pet-friendly indoor plants

If you have furry friends in your home there are a variety of indoor plants safe for pets!

Spider Plants

In addition to being easy to care for, this plant will not harm your pet if it is ingested.

Money Tree

With a intertwining trunk and unique shaped leaves, this house plant is an excellent addition to any room and it’s safe for your furry friends.

Peacock Plant (Calathea)

This non-toxic plant has a unique pattern on the leaves that look like peacock feathers. Leafy, eye-catching and safe, you can’t go wrong!

3 indoor plants that don’t need a ton of sun

A few low light plants we’ve already covered are both the spider plant and snake plant. If you are looking for more of the best bedroom plants for low light, check out the three plants below.

Cast Iron Plant

  This indoor house plant in addition to doing well in low light can also withstand a ton of neglect and is a great option for new plant parents. In fact, this plant is named after how durable it is.

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo looks great on a desk or coffee table as it doesn’t need much light. It’s also said to bring luck and fortune to the owner.

Chinese Evergreen

Another durable plant is the Chinese Evergreen. Leafy in structure this plant requires low light and is perfect for the beginner plant parent.

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