Maintain Accent Chair

Upholstery accent chairs play quite a significant role when it comes to the decoration and furniture of any home. Not only do they serve the purpose of comfort, but they are key to the style and interior design. With that being said, it is important to know how to properly care for and maintain the pristine look of your accent chair. 

Rocking Chicc knows exactly how important it is to care for your furniture as well as yourself. We pride ourselves in our healthy and self-caring approach to modern furniture. Without the care for your chair, there is no comfort for your body or mind.

It is quite simple to care for any accent chair. Just follow these five easy steps:

  1. First, determine the type of fabric. The type of fabric is important to know what can be used to clean the chair without causing any damage. Check the tags attached for this information and recommended products. Only use the appropriate cleaner to prevent any harm to the chair itself. There will most likely be codes like “W’ or “WS” which explain to use water-based solutions. “S” means to use a water-free solution and “X” is to go to a professional cleaner.
  2. Vacuum it! Vacuuming will clean up any loose dirt or other particles from settling in the chair and prevent future stains to arise.
  3. Clean it with an upholstery cleaner or a DIY solution. If the chair is upholstered with fabric, you can make your own solution using common household products and items. Warm water and any dish soap can make a perfect combination to help clean your chair. Water should make up about ¾ of this solution.
  4. Using hydrogen peroxide is great for specific stains or spills that are left behind. First, test on a small area to make sure there won’t be any effect on the fabric; you may need to dilute with water the hydrogen peroxide just in case. Then, use a towel to carefully apply it. 
  5. Allow it to dry and then lastly, if necessary, try using a steamer to add finishing touches to your chair. Double check the material of the chair to ensure the steamer won’t cause any damage. A steamer allows for a deep clean which could be useful if small children or pets are around to cause bigger messes. After, make sure the chair is completely dry before using it again to release any residual moisture.

Hopefully, this can help you clean your chair in an easy and efficient way. Our main goal at Rocking Chicc is to help you and your home become the healthiest and most comfortable it can be. That starts at simply cleaning your furniture. And if none of those steps work, come search for a new accent chair on Rocking Chicc and sign up for our newsletter to get updates and special offers!