Rocking Chic-Health 7 Health Benefits of Using a Rocking Chair Daily

7 Benefits of Using a Rocking Chair Daily

While a rocking chair may seem like just a piece of furniture, there are benefits of rocking back and forth in a chair. A rocking chair can provide amazing health benefits and relieve ailments, especially for seniors. Having a comfortable place to sit can help you relax, recharge and heal. Rocking Chiic has quality tested and comfortable rocking chairs that are perfect for you and your loved ones. 

    We want to encourage health in your body and mind which is why we love all the benefits that a comfortable rocking chair can provide. At Rocking Chiic, we provide a modern look and the most comfortable chairs in the industry. Whether you are seeking rocking chair therapy yourself, or a senior in your life, rocking chair health benefits are unmatched and will leave you feeling relaxed and replenished. 

  • Rocking Chair Health Benefits

1. Improves Emotional Well-Being

A study monitored seniors in nursing homes as they used their rocking chair every day for 6 weeks. This rocking chair therapy helped relieve both physical pain and emotional ailments for this group of seniors. After 1-2 hours a day of rocking these seniors experienced a mental health boost.

The nursing home residents even reported feeling calm, and better the more they rocked. Every resident using the rocking chair felt the positive effects on their mood and a boost 

2.Helps with Insomnia / improve sleep

Much like a repetitive motion soothes an infant, a rocking chair can provide the same lulling effects for an adult. In fact, there are studies that prove a gentle rocking motion before bed helps adults fall asleep and stay asleep.

3.Small amount of exercise

Rocking in a quality rocking chair is a safe and moderate form of exercise for seniors. Rocking can help stimulate blood circulation which aids joint mobility and provides relief for arthritis pain.

    Rocking helps improve muscle tone and improves posture. A rocking chair is preferable to posture and keeping muscles activated as opposed to a soft couch. This moderate form of exercise releases endorphins and leaves the rocker feeling happy and at peace.

4. Can improve mobility & balance

Rocking chairs can help improve mobility and balance even in individuals with Parkinson’s. Rocking stimulates the vestibular system, located in the inner ear and helps control our balance. 

  Through the vestibular system, our body tries to “balance” us as the chair rocks which leads to improved balance. In addition to stimulating the vestibular system, increased muscle tone and blood flow helps seniors feel more steady on their feet. 

5. Improves blood circulation

Rocking provides movement throughout the day to seniors who may otherwise not be getting much physical activity. This little bit of added movement improves blood circulation and adds more oxygen into the body which also helps with reducing pain and inflammation in joints. 

Improving blood circulation is beneficial to the heart and circulatory system. It can even combat cardiovascular disease and other illnesses caused by poor circulation. 

6. Helpful for those recovering from major abdominal surgery/operations

Surgeries put stress on a person's body, but rocking in a chair can actually help ease these pains. A clinical study has proven that rocking in a chair for up to 60 minutes a day can actually relieve ailments from surgery. 

Surgery from abdominal cancer, or a c-section can cause complications such as abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting and pain. A rocking chair calms a body's response to stress and is beneficial for regaining preoperative bodily functions.

7. Can help those with dementia

The New York State Department of Health conducted study that proved rocking helps ease the symptoms of dementia and alzheimers. 

In the study, seniors rocked daily for 6 weeks and caregivers saw an improvement in their psychological and emotional well being. Rocking helped calm seniors in emotional distress and the more they rocked the better they felt. Anxiety, tension and depression all were eased and shows that rocking shares really can provide relief for those in long term care. 

Discover Rocking Chair Health Benefits with Rocking Chiic

Rocking chair medical benefits are extensive and will improve the quality of life for you or a senior in your life. This aligns with Rocking Chiic’s values of creating both a healthy body and mind. We hope to help you replenish your joy and energy in the comfort of one of our rocking chairs.

Rocking Chiic wants you to find serenity, peace, and safety in the comfort of your rocking chair. To learn more about rocking chair health benefits and to receive our other updates and special offers, please subscribe to our news letter. We are excited to welcome you to the Rocking Chiic family.