Rocking Chic- How To Pick the Right Accent Chair

How to Pick the Right Accent Chair

Accent chairs are an excellent way to add a fun and interesting piece to a room. Before purchasing your accent chair, there are a few considerations to ensure you end up with a gorgeous piece that you love. Rocking Chiic has an array of accent chairs that will beautifully compliment your space and tie together any room. We make high quality chairs that are not only comfortable, but provide a comfortable space to take time for yourself. We are excited to help you pick your perfect accent chair, let's get creative!


Function is the first consideration when choosing your accent chair. How will your chair be used? Will it be a comfortable reading chair? Or maybe guests will regularly use it when you entertain. In this case, you will want to choose a comfortable and functional chair.

 If the chair is truly going to be used as an accent piece in a less used room, you may choose a unique form for your chair.


  If you want an eclectic and fun style use your creative freedom with color, design, and texture. If you want a more uniform or classic space your accent chair should tie in with the rest of the room.

You may be wondering “how to match accent chairs with sofa”. You can match the color and style exactly or you can use decorative pieces to tie the room together. Using similar blankets and pillows brings a room together even if all the furniture doesn’t match exactly. . Don’t be afraid to mix and match antique and modern pieces. This can make your room captivating and completely yours. 

A few styles of accent chairs you can choose from are a rocking chair, slipper chair, lounge chair. (Could include photos of chairs from rocking chiic below :))

Rocking chairs can range from wooden to a modern upholstered look. A rocking chair can bring a classic twist to a modern room. Not only are rocking chairs eye-catching, but the rocking motion is comforting and soothing.

Slipper chairs are small upholstered chairs that sit closer to the ground. They look excellent next to a coffee table and are best in smaller rooms with limited space.

Lounge chairs which originated from ancient Egypt add an elegant touch to any room. They are perfect for a larger space and are extremely comfortable. Usually upholstered, you can recline fully in a lounge chair and experience maximum relaxation


Do accent chairs have to match?” is a common question most people have when. As the designer, it is completely up to you! You get to decide if you want your accent chair to blend with your color scheme creating a neutral space or if you want it to pop and be a focal point of the room

If you do want the chair as a colorful focal point, it is best choose a color

that is similar to at least one or two shades in the room. This color can be from art, a pillow, blanket or rug in the room.

Size & spacing

Another consideration when choosing an accent chair is should accent chairs be the same height as sofa. While an accent chair doesn’t need to be the same size as the sofa, it should be a similar size to the sofa and rest of the furniture in the room. A chair that is too big or too small can make a room feel awkward. 

Spacing is an important factor when it comes to your accent chair. If the chair is too close to couches or furniture  it will crowd the room and make it difficult to move around. If it is too far away from the rest of the furniture, it will feel out of place and not tie in with the room.

Additional considerations 

If you have pets or children you may also want to take this into consideration when choosing your accent chair. 

When thinking about color and material, lighter fabrics or cloth accent chairs are more prone to dirt and stains. Leather accent chairs are more durable and can be easily wiped off. 

Rocking Chiic has Beautiful Accent Chairs for Your Home!

Ultimately, when choosing an accent chair it is up to you to decide what looks best. You are the designer and whatever chair catches your eye and meets all of your needs is the one you should add to your space. Rocking Chiic is here to help you find the best chair for your home. Sign up for our newsletter to get even more information on our chairs and advice on decorating your home. We are excited for our products to create a comfortable and relaxing space for you and your loved ones!