How to rearrange living room for good vibes

  • How to rearrange your living room for good vibes | Rocking Chiic 

How do I start designing my living room?”can feel like a daunting question. The principles of feng shui can make this easier. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art developed 3000 years ago to help bring well-being to your space. Living room feng shui creates a happy and welcoming environment that will breathe balance into your living space. 

 At Rocking Chiic, we support a healthy body and mind. Your environment has such an impact on you feeling happy, relaxed and zen. By setting up your space using Rocking Chiic’s Feng shui living room tips, you can instill peace, serenity and comfort to your home. 

  • How to rearrange your living room for good vibes

When thinking “how can i make my living room positive?”, there are two

 initial considerations when setting up your feng shui living room.

-Function of the room


Will the function of your living room be leisure or entertainment? When thinking of living room layout ideas, you need to get furniture that is suited for that space and then you can decide on how to arrange it. To optimize living room feng shui, the furniture must be easily accessible and unobstructed. 

The size of the room is important, but the size of the furniture matters more. Furniture needs to fit to the size of the room. Anything too big can clutter the room and make it inaccessible which will affect the feng shui.

  • How to Apply Feng Shui/good vibes to Your Living Room

A well lit bright space is an excellent way to add good energy to your room. Avoid dark paint colors and opt for light airy colors. To amplify this effect even further, consider adding a mirrorto boost your living room feng shui. Mirrors expand the room by making it feel bigger. If you are going to use a mirror, there are a few guidelines you’ll want to follow.

-Don’t reflect anything negative, clutter, mess etc

-Reflect the landscape or something outside, this will add positive energy

-Don’t have mirror reflecting anyone as they stand in the entryway of the room

After you’ve added a mirror there are a few other ways to boost your living room’s feng shui.

  • Sufficient accommodation

Everyone should be able to comfortably fit in the room including members of the house and guests. The living room should be easy to move around so when people enter, the positive energy they bring with them can move about freely.

  • Roomy and comfortable

Keeping your space roomy and comfortable doesn’t depend on how big the room is but how the furniture is organized. For optimal living room feng shui, you want the room to feel decorated and organized without feeling overcrowded or too minimal. 

  • Maintain Pathways

Optimum furniture placement keeps pathways safe and open. Not only is furniture obscuring a pathway a safety hazard, but it can prevent energy from flowing freely throughout the room.

  • Furniture style

Furniture with rounded corners are preferable to pieces with sharp angles for living room feng shui. Sharp angles force negative energy at a single point and deter a restful space. When possible opt for couches, chairs and coffee tables with rounded edges.

  • Furniture placement

Strategic furniture placement will leave everyone feeling social and welcome in your living room. The furniture should be arranged so everyone is able to face each other and no one's back is to anyone. Additionally, everyone's seat should face the door so they can see who is coming and leaving.

When wondering which direction your couch should face, the sofa is a particularly impactful piece and should be placed along a solid wall, in a “commanding position”. This means usually across from the doorway so that everyone on the couch has a clear vantage point of the door across from them.

  • Get a few (or more) house plants

Not only do plants add more oxygen to the air, but they boost your mood and bring a pop of color. Plants bring good energy and a positive life force and will improve your living room feng shui. Plants also indicate luck in a household. Adding one large plant or a few small ones will increase the positive vibes and energy of any room instantly.

  • Living Room Feng Shui will Bring Positive Energy to your Home

Decorating your living room using the principles of feng shui is a way to bring good vibes and positive energy into your home.The living room is the primary social space and by utilizing living room feng shui you will create a peaceful environment for you and your loved ones to connect.

Rocking Chiic wants to help you design your perfect feng shui living room. With a variety of lounge chairs, rocking chairs, and accent chairs we have all the pieces you need to elevate your living room. Bring in positive energy and good vibes in your perfect feng shui living room furnished by Rocking Chiic. Sign up to our newsletter for updates and exclusive offers!