What is an Ottoman Furniture Piece? | Rocking Chicc

Do you ever see a little piece of furniture that looks like a mini couch and wonder what it actually is for? It looks like a footrest or maybe a little stool. Not many know that it is actually called an ottoman, and no one really knows what they really are there for.

Rocking Chicc is a modern furniture company that serves all customers with comfort and care. Our main core values surround the healthiness of one’s body and mind, something that starts with furniture and the way we sit. We strive to bring you the most comfortable chairs and other furniture pieces in the industry. And here, we will help you better understand what an ottoman is and why you should consider even purchasing one.

So What is an Ottoman?

These small and simple furniture pieces actually trace back in history all the way to the Ottoman Empire. Its purpose served as the central piece of residential seating. They were usually a low wooden platform that was piled with cushions on top, for comfort. 

In today’s world, they have a few more uses. Now, this piece of furniture is typically used as a footrest in front of any type of couch or chair. It still can be used for additional seating, although it may not be as comfortable as a real sofa or chair. Some people tend to use it as a coffee table, others just purpose it for additional storage.

Styles of Ottomans

There are several different types of ottomans as well:

Pouf Ottomans 

Pouf ottomans do not have legs. They are meant for design and style for whatever room is in need. They still are functional - they tend to be lightweight and easy to move around.

Standard Ottomans

Standard ottomans are probably the most commonly used. These are your traditional footrest for a chair or couch. Most have all four legs and are any basic shape. Standard ottomans, however, do not have extra storage or any other additions.

Cube-Shaped Ottomans

Although their size may be less overwhelming, they still are practical. Cube ottomans are still decent footrests and are great for storage, and their small size never overpowers the room itself. 

Cocktail Ottoman 

A cocktail ottoman is larger than most types. Its purpose is to serve as a coffee table during household events. You can place trays of food and drink on top - perfect for entertaining guests!

Other kinds of ottomans can be classified as glider ottomans, storage ottomans, tufted ottomans, or any of their shapes or functions.

What is the difference between a footstool and an ottoman?

Ottomans are much more complex than people think. Their competitors, the footrests, are much simpler and not much of an equal challenger. Their difference? Ottomans are typically upholstery or leather. They generally coordinate with an existing piece of furniture and add to the overall style of any room. On the contrary, footrests tend to not match a specific chair nor does it have to be upholstered.

Rocking Chicc offers many different ottomans that could be perfect for your home and its aesthetic. If we have convinced you of the importance of such a small and mistakenly irrelevant piece of furniture, search through our collection here. And sign up for our newsletter to get updates and special offers.